Our philosophy: to make you love French language and culture so that you can be independent in France.

We set up tailor-made training courses for optimal language proficiency thanks to a range of educational materials designed specifically for your needs. During your training, the trainer will give you a booklet with the materials used during the sessions. You will be able to follow easily your progress and consult it at home and review the concepts discussed. Our trainers will also provide you with our free resources directory including online activities, literary works, films and series to use without moderation at home, alone or with your family.

Our different options

The choice is yours!

Our goal: to give you a maximum of knowledge and skills to be confident with French language and culture.

Complete level

5 units of your choice

Do you want to move from one level to another? Do you want to progress and learn the subtleties of the French language? This formula is for you! We will study in depth and comprehensively to make your desires a reality.

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Half level

3 units of your choice

Do you already have some notions in French? Do you want to consolidate your knowledge and make your skills optimal? This formula is the right one! We will focus on what you need to get you to the right place.

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Intensive session

1 unit of your choice

Do you need to see / review phonetics or grammar intensively? This formula is made for you! The goal is not to be bilingual but to communicate. Be confident in yourself!

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Examples of

units offered

  • Introduce yourself and your entourage
  • Make a reservation
  • Order at the restaurant
  • Describe your background
  • Praise your qualities
  • Express your tastes
  • Judge, compare
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certified and funded

With State certification and recognition, you can benefit from full or partial funding. Ask us!

Placement test

You don’t know your level?
We offer you a free evaluation without obligation!