Our philosophy: to make you love French language and culture so that you can be independent in France. We set up tailor-made training courses for optimal language proficiency thanks to a range of educational materials designed specifically for your needs. During your training, the trainer will give you a booklet with the materials used during the sessions. You will be able to follow easily your progress and consult it at home and review the concepts discussed.
Our trainers will also provide you with our free resources directory including online activities, literary works, films and series to use without moderation at home, alone or with your family.
The benefits of our training

It allows you to learn faster, maybe even twice as fast as normal. The choice is yours !

Our goal: to give you a maximum of knowledge and skills to be confident with French language and culture. This training is made possible thanks to a maximized trainer-individual relationship, with optimal learning conditions. We go straight to the point, and the explanations are targeted to your questions and your needs.
Our different options

General French

Choose to speak every day !

(Re) discover French language and culture and interact in your everyday life

Profesional French

Work in French !

Be integrated into the professional world in France and have a perfect communication

Academic and methodology

Have a certification !

Be prepared for entrance tests to French universities or prepare a certification


Examples of

units offered

  • Introduce yourself and your entourage
  • Make a reservation
  • Order at the restaurant
  • Describe your background
  • Praise your qualities
  • Express your tastes
  • Judge, compare

Placement test

You don’t know your level? We offer you a free evaluation without obligation!